The process

Online vision testing typically involves using a computer or mobile device to assess your visual acuity and screen for common vision problems. While online tests can provide some information about your vision, they are not a substitute for a comprehensive eye examination conducted by a qualified optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Here's a general overview of how online vision testing works:

1) Access the test: You visit a website or use a mobile app that offers online vision testing. There are several platforms available that provide various types of tests.

2) Register if necessary: You may need to create an account or provide some basic information about yourself before proceeding with the test.

3) Read the instructions: The test will provide instructions on how to perform each task or test. It's essential to carefully follow the instructions to obtain accurate results.

4) Take a visual acuity test: This test measures how well you can see at various distances. You will typically be presented with a series of letters or numbers on the screen and will be asked to identify them. The test may involve different letter sizes and may be conducted for each eye separately.

5) Take a color vision test: Some online tests include a color vision screening to check for color blindness or deficiencies. You may be asked to identify numbers or patterns hidden within colored dots or plates.

6) Take a contrast sensitivity test: This test evaluates your ability to distinguish between different levels of contrast. It often involves identifying objects or shapes presented against various backgrounds.

7) Take an astigmatism test: Certain online tests may also include assessments for astigmatism. You may be shown lines or patterns and asked to identify if they appear distorted or blurry.

8) Get the results and recommendations: Once you complete the tests, the online platform may provide you with immediate results or a summary of your performance. It might indicate whether you have any potential vision problems or advise you to consult an eye care professional for a comprehensive examination.

It's important to note that online vision tests have limitations. They cannot diagnose eye diseases, provide a comprehensive assessment of your eye health, or replace a professional eye examination. If you have concerns about your vision, it's always recommended to schedule an appointment with an eye care professional for a thorough evaluation.


Step 1

Take the test


Step 2

Get the results


Step 3

Order Contact Lenses